Babylon's Financial Role in Wealth for the Kingdom

August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein's Iraqi military forces began an attack upon the oil fields of Kuwait. In the days that followed the oil production of Kuwait was destroyed. The Kuwaiti currency fell from $3.55 in value before the war to about $0.05 in value. However, within another 1 year and half the Kuwaiti currency was restored to more than its original value. Only a few citizens were aware of that extraordinary profit opportunity.

Later in August of 1990, the United Nations began an embargo that prevented Iraq from selling oil. As a result, the Iraqi Dinar plunged from previous value of $4.20 to about 1 penny. In the international realm it has been known that the value of the Iraqi Dinar would at some point be restored, and tremendous profits made.

Meanwhile, a few ordinary citizens became aware that the Re-Valuation was inevitable with multiplication into the thousands. As a result, Christians saw this as an opportunity to become debt free and to have abundant provision for ministry. News of this extraordinary financial provision is being spread through Christian networks.

By January 2012 the UN issues with Iraq were essentially settled, the Re-Valuation of Dinar was expected momentarily. The IRQD was to have a rate of $3 to $4 which would meet the proposal budget of their government. This seemed to be set to take place.

However with numerous nations on the verge of collapse, the International Monetary Organization realized there was an opportunity to make adjustments to help restore financial stability to much of the world. A system called Basel III had been proposed in recent years to reform international banking and value money in accordance with hard assets. The IQD-RV gave the IMO the perfect window to bring forward much of these reforms.

Dr. Shabbi, head of the Central Bank of Iraq, said that a Basel III approach would give the IQD a value of $58 per Dinar. Such a rate would have been too high causing serious financial ripples all over the world. As a result, the RV that was planned for January was repeatedly delayed and reorganized. Apparently, the rate of exchange has been settled apparently since June.