At the persistence of my friend Tim, I looked at a US State Department report prepared for President George H. W. Bush regarding the Iraqi war and realized an extraordinary financial breakthrough was coming. Through a combination of prayerful consideration and divine revelation, I became convinced this was God's plan for providing an abundance for His Kingdom on earth. So, for the last 965 days I have shared this opportunity with others.


A 2007 movie, "Jerry Maguire" has a famous line, "Show me the money," suggesting that talk is cheap but having money in hand is real.

Most of the 100+ individuals, ministries and businesses, that I have encouraged to participate in the opportunities of a global reset, have remained faithful to believe in God's plan, while a few have leaned more to Jerry Maguire's idem. Furthermore, the desperate personal needs of many amplify the urgency to see this reset to completion.

The re-valuation (RV) of the Iraqi Dinar as reinstatement of a single currency could have happened in January 2012. However, progressive thinkers saw an opportunity to stabilize economies worldwide by converting all currencies to asset based. This was by far the most complex financial problem ever, and it was complicated by powerful people who did not want this to happen.

The Cabal, the Crown and Federal Reserve as well as others have systematically stalled and sabotaged the Global Currency Reset for about 2 years because it threatens the power base of the elite who think they should run the world. Many in positions of authority within the US Government have created obstacles to the process, while corrupt politicians and bankers have made billions from the delays. Frustrated by blatant corruption, I have even written letters of complaint.

However, the real problem lies in the spirit realm...

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Global Reset

The greatest event and best kept secret in the financial realm in the entire history of mankind is about to be released. The International Monetary Organization will change the value of currency in 204 nations overnight. Most people have had this information systematically kept from them, though it will significantly impact virtually every human on the planet.

Opportunity to Prosper

Kingdompathway published in 2011 the question asking which of these currencies would you rather have?

$10,000 US Federal Reserve Note
10,000 Iraqi CBI Dinar

At that time the 10K IQD could be purchased for less than $10 US Dollars, and now within a very short time is expected to be worth more than $30,000 USD. Furthermore, Federal Reserve Notes will become greatly devalued and be replaced by precious metal backed US Treasury Bills.

Other currencies are expected to explode in value surpassing the IQD. See publication by Trust Management Services for more.