The Powers of Darkness have been taking captives worldwide now numbering into the billions. Drastic new tactics are needed. It is time to take the battle to the enemy's camp and release the captives on a mass scale.


We the Believers in Salvation through our faith in Jesus the Christ come into agreement and hereby affirm our mandate to continue in the purpose to destroy all the works of Satan and the rule of his Principalities, thereby rendering null the powers of darkness.

Satan's rebellion against God is held to account, cancelling his right of dominion of the earth. Therefore in the name of Jesus, we proclaim the earth as the Kingdom of God and the people as henceforth and forever free to become Kingdom Citizens. We disavow the right of Satan to continue to hold people captive to generational, community or personal sin.

By being dedicated students of the Word of God and opening our heart and mind to the revelation and power of the Holy Spirit, we first prepare ourselves as warriors for the great battle where goodness' triumphs over evil. Then, as Kingdom Warriors we shall enforce the freedom of the people and this legal claim to earth.

While giving support to the ministries of evangelism and healing, we consecrate our endeavors in fearless pursuit and disarming the enemies of Christ to expand the Kingdom Domain.

We pledge our lives in service to the cause of driving the rebellion against God into the void of nothingness. Thus, we may fulfill "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," so help us God!

Scribed by Leonard Heatherly


After two thousand years of Grace, the church has generally failed to equip the Saints to reach out and set the captivities free and save the lost. The introverted church of today over educates as it entertains and impresses itself; all the while ignoring the root disorder of debilitating captivity of its own Believers.

Today Satan holds most of the people captive by a legal claim that is valid within his domain of earth. He cleverly compels people to hold on to their weaknesses such as pride, unforgiveness, lust, fear, greed, addiction like a valuable personal possession. This creates a hindrance to their intimate relationship with God and causes the Believers to be ineffective in their spiritual walk.

People often sit in church for years waiting for heaven, and are yet captive to their weakness. The church offers little more than a simplistic "just say no" or let's make the problem a softer bed. Only a few brave ministries practice setting captives free, and this is always a defensive engagement of combat with the enemy.

Herein is a radical new approach of Kingdom Warriors to proclaiming liberty to the captives. This is bold mission that will set at liberty masses of people including families, communities and nations - a revolutionary approach inspired by and similar to the Emancipation by President Abraham Lincoln.

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